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British Aikido & Judo Videos from 1955

Visit My Aikido & Judo Video Site ~ Click -> Henry Ellis Aikido & Judo Videos A growing collection of early and modern Aikido and Judo videos..H Ellis - D Eastman - H Foster - K Chiba - M Nakazono - K Abbe - T Abe.

___________________________________The Kenshiro Abbe 50th Memorial Event May 14th 2005.________________________

This movie selection photo slide-show offers an indepth look at this very special day of Budo.Narrated by Henry Ellis.


Article: "Is Aikido a Martial Art" by Henry Ellis ~ Click here>Click Here

Article: Aikido in MMA by Rik Ellis - Aikido / MMA - Visit Click Here


,British Aikido Origins from 1955

Development of British Budo - Narration & Movie Slide-Show by Henry Ellis ~ Sharing early photos - factual statements on the inception of Aikido to the UK from 1955 by legendary Budo Master Kenshiro Abbe Sensei..


A Rare Collection of Private Photos

Bill Reeves Sensei was the first personal aide to Kenshiro Abbe Sensei - With thanks to Mrs Teresa Reeve who has kindly allowed us to share her late husbands private collection of photos.


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Protect British Budo History
It only takes the good Aikidoka to stand back for the Plastic Samurai to succeed
Protect British Budo History ~ visit the " Aikido Controversy " blog Click for Aikido Controversy Blog

The Abuse of KyuShinDo
We now see people claiming to have dan grades in ` KyuShinDo ` how can you have a dan grade in a philosophy / theory ?? ....KyuShinDo is a philosophy not a martial art.

I have stated many times `` Kenshiro Abbe Sensei developed his philosophy of KyuShinDo as applicable to Judo.

Kenshiro Abbe Sensei NEVER repeat NEVER
Ever taught Aiki-Justsu or Aiki-Budo or JuJutsu or JuJitsu....Anyone making the following claims are talking a load of round objects...He never taught any of the following ``KyuShinDo Karate `` ~ `` KyuShinDo Aikido `` ~ `` KyuShinDo JuJutsu `` ~ KyuShinDo Aiki-Jutsu `` ~ KyuShiDo Aiki-Jujutsu `` ... Visit the Kenshiro Abbe Blog
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Dave Delderfield Sensei and Gerry Gyngel Sensei who both worked in the London office of the BJC with Kenshiro Abbe Sensei stated..

" We have never heard Abbe Sensei speak of KyuShinDo JuJutsu or simply JuJutsu !!"..

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New article " KyuShinDo is not a Martial Art "
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The Kenshiro Abbe Memorial Event 2005..

There were many honoured guests - Mr Vincent Sumpter the British Aikido Board Chairman was cordially invited - he refused - Mr Sumpter advised his Executive that if they insisted on his attendance - he would resign. The members deserve better than that.

Honoured Guests: William Bill Woods ~ Robin Otani ~ Ken Cottier ~ Gijs Schouten ~ Bill Stopps ~ Arnold Davies ~ Eric Dollimore ~ Jenny Earle ~ Mr F Motai Japanese Cultural Attache - A Representative of the Sports Council.

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The British Aikido Lineage Tree

The British Aikido Lineage Tree
British Aikido Lineage comes directly from OSensei Ueshiba by Kenshiro Abbe Sensei to the UK in 1955..Photos in decending order are: OSensei ~ Kenshiro Abbe ~ K Williams ~ L- E Dollimore. R- D Williams- below - L- H Ellis -R - H Foster..below L to R - L Ballard - P Dowden -D Eastman - T Jones - R Reynolds...below the first Japanese teachers in order - M Nakazono - T Abe - M Noro - TK Chiba..The Lineage tree shows all the early teachers both British and Japanese. Click ~ British Aikido History site.

Aikido in the UK " The Beginning !!"

This article by Henry Ellis tells of the very early days of Aikido in the UK at the now famous " Hut Dojo " In those early days It was known as the " Hell Dojo ".
Aikido in the UK - The Beginning !

Video 1963 First UK Aikido Film ? Henry Ellis & Derek Eastman also other Ellis Aikido Videos.