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 " No matter your pretence, you are what you are, nothing more " - Kenshiro Abbe Sensei

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Kenshiro Abbe Sensei - 1915 - 1985

British Aikido History
The Beginning of a Great Era of UK Budo

     UK Aikido History Milestones

Henry Ellis and  Derek Eastman Sensei's are proud to have their lineage diploma's signed by
 Osensei Morihei Ueshiba - Kenshiro Abbe Sensei - Masahilo Nakazono Sensei - Masamichi Noro Sensei - TK Chiba Sensei - Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba.
Henry Ellis and Derek Eastman Shihans both direct students of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei and Ken Williams Sensei from the 1950s. Training at the birthplace of British Aikido at the now famous `Hut Dojo`. Hillingdon London.
They offer a personal insight with articles - videos - photos of the early history - lineage and training with Budo legends.
Kenshiro Abbe Sensei - Tadashi Abe Sensei - Masahilo Nakazono Sensei - Masamichi Noro Sensei - Nobuyoshi  Tamura Sensei - TK Chiba Shihan and many others. 

Ellis Schools of Traditional Aikido

ESTA Founders: Derek Eastman & Henry Ellis; a brief UK Aikido history timeline from the 1950s to 2014.

Right: 1958 -  Kenshiro  Abbe Sensei's butterfly emblem of the BJC - BAC - BKA.

1.     1955.       Kenshiro Abbe arrives in the UK at the invitation (under contract) to the `London Judo Society` (LJS) - 
2      1955        K Abbe meets Masutaro Otani Sensei in London, the bonding of two great Budoka and an amazing future journey for British Budo.
3      1955.       K Abbe aged 40 takes on 33 LJS dan grades in line up - tells each the technique he will use, left & right - he beats every single one. 
4.     1955        K Abbe introduces Aikido - UK. `Royal Albert Hall London` - K Williams 1st UK student /dan grade - 1958 -BAC National Coach.
5.     1956.       K Abbe leaves London Judo Society. Abbe Sensei wanted to teach KyuShinDo Judo - the LJS were only interested in competition.
6.     1956.       K Abbe now joins forces with M Otani of the M.O.S.J.A. ( Jubilee Judo Club ). This was the beginning of a great era of UK Budo.
7.     1958.       K Abbe and M Otani create the `British Judo Council` (BJC) - `British Aikido Council (BAC) - `British Kendo Council` (BKC).
8.     1950s.     First UK Aikidoka - K Williams - D Williams - E Dollimore.      H Foster - H Ellis - D Eastman.

9.     1950s.      K Williams - D Williams - E Dollimore - H Foster - H Ellis - D Eastman first  UK dan grades recognized by OSensei and Aikikai.
10.    1959.       K Williams - H Ellis taught first  w/e UK Aikido seminar - Devises Judo Club Wiltshire UK as guests of Graham Burt Sensei.
11.   1950s.     Hut Dojo ( Abbe School of Budo ) first 8 dan grades to K Abbe Sensei;H Ellis-5th - D Eastman-7th.

12.   1957.       Kenshiro Abbe invites the first Japanese Aikido master to the UK - Tadashi Abe - `1926 - 1984` - Student of Osensei from 1942.
13.   1960.       H Ellis & D Eastman first UK Aikido TV exposure on Harlech TV with K Williams and all other Hut dan grades.

14.   1961.       K Abbe invites Masahilo Nakazono Sensei ( 1918 - 1994 )    to the UK as the official AikiKai rep for North Africa - Europe - UK.
15.   1962.       Masamichi Noro Sensei  1935 - 2013 - makes the first of many visits to the UK.
16.   1963        Ellis & Eastman traveled for 1 year round the UK - promoting - teaching - introducing Aikido for free - sleeping in dojos - car - name it.
17.   1963.       H Ellis & D Eastman first teachers to officially introduce Aikido to the UK Education System whilst traveling and teaching Aikido.
18.   1963.       Ellis - Eastman - Royal Albert Hall - 1963.K Abbe - M Nakazono - M Noro - M Harada - H Michigami - M Otani.- S Hamano.

19.   1963        Summer School - Grange Farm Essex - K Abbe - M Otani - H Michigami - M Harada - M Nakazono - M Noro - S Hamano 9th dan.
20.   1963.       Ellis - Eastman 1963.1st UK filmed Aikido demo -USAF West Drayton UK. - Event was the USAF European Judo Championships.

21.   1963.       K Abbe invites Mutsusuke Harada to teach Karate at the Hut Dojo - H Ellis and D Eastman studied with Harada Sensei.
22.   1964.       K Abbe visits Tokyo summer Olympics, visits Osensei, asks for TK Chiba to be sent to the UK as official AikiKai representative.
23.   1966.       Henry Ellis opens 1st Bracknell Aikido Dojo, demonstration by K Williams Sensei & all the Hut dan grades.

24.   1966.       TK Chiba Sensei arrives in the UK - makes first visit to the ` Hut Dojo`. Chiba Sensei makes sure the `Hell Dojo` lives up to its name.
25.   1967.       K Williams Sensei leaves the `Hut Dojo` in the care of Haydn Foster Sensei and moves to Wales to create the Ki Federation GB.
26.   1967.       H Ellis leaves `Hut Dojo` assistant to TK Chiba Sensei.1967 - 1972. Dojos - Earls Court London - Times Newspapers - London.
27.   1968.       H Ellis & K Chiba - First BBC World Radio Broadcast - 30 min Aikido interview.

28.   1968.       TK Chiba - H Ellis hold summer school in Bracknell - N Tamura - T Ichamura - H Tada.
29.   1968.       Derek Eastman creates the org `Ellis Schools of Traditional Aikido`.[ ESTA ] then invites Henry Ellis to join.
30.   1968.       H Ellis & K Chiba - Granada TV - Aikido Demonstration.- see article ` Two Handsome Young Men `.

31.   1975.       William ( Billy) Otani Judoka and eldest son of Masutaro Otani Sensei tragically died aged 33 yrs - 1942 - 1975.
32.   1977.       Masutaro Otani head of Samurai Budo family dies aged 81 yrs - 1896 - 1977.- Together with K Abbe , created the BJC - BAC - BKC.
33.   1977.       British Aikido Board created from the Martial Arts Commission by the members for the members until discredited in 2000.
34.   1984        Tadashi Abe dies in  Japan - 23-11- 1984 - aged 58 yrs. He was the first Aikikai teacher to introduce Aikido to France and Eu 1952.
35.   1985.       Kenshiro Abbe Sensei dies peacefully at his home in Tokushima Prefecture - Japan. aged 69 yrs. (15-Dec-1915 -- 1-Dec-1985)

36.   1991.       Tomio Otani - Kendo - died aged 52 yrs - 1939 - 1991. - Tomio  student of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei. Tomio a close friend of Derek and I.
37.   1992.       Henry Ellis visits Masahilo Nakazono at his home in Sante Fe New Mexico USA.
38.   1994.       Masahilo Nakazono Sensei dies peacefully at his home in Sante Fe - New Mexico USA. aged 76 yrs. (20th-Dec-1918 - 8th-Oct-1994)
39.    2000.      British Aikido Board now discredited, attempt to corrupt the history of UK Aikido. ( they failed miserably  )  
40.    2004.      Henry Ellis forces the BAB to a meeting with Sports England. BAB receive strong reprimanded - ordered to apologize to Henry Ellis.
41.    2005.      Book Publication of "Positive Aikido" - A book on UK Aikido history anecdotes & techniques
42.    2005.      Ellis & Eastman organizing members "Kenshiro Abbe 50th Memorial Event". Crystal Palace London - Event totally sold out.
43.    2006       W `Bill` Woods died - 1930 - 2006 - Bill, personal assistant to Kenshiro Abbe, Bill was the most influential of all UK Budoka. 

44.    2007.      Ellis & Eastman organizing members "Masahilo Nakazono Memorial Event".
45.    2010.      Henry Ellis and Derek Eastman receive 6th dan AikiKai Hombu from the Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba.

46.    2011.      Haydn Foster Sensei  aged 84 yrs - 1927 - 2011 - Pioneer of UK Aikido dies peacefully at his home.
47.    1950s      2014 -H Ellis & D Eastman Diplomas signed by - Osensei Ueshiba - K Abbe - M Nakazono - M Noro - K Chiba - Doshu M Ueshiba.

48.    2012       UK Aikido History Articles published - Aikiweb - Fighting Arts Int - Aikido Today - Blitz MA Mag - Martial Arts Illustrated.
49.    2012.      H Ellis - D Eastman promoted to 6th dan AikiKai Shihan by TK Chiba Shihan and Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba - 3rd - 8th - 2012.
50.    2012.      H Ellis - D Eastman the original UK Aikido pioneers to be promoted to Aikikai Shihan by TK Chiba and Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba.
51.    2013.      Masamichi Noro Sensei dies peacefully at his home in Paris France, aged 78 yrs. ( 21st-Jan-1935 -- March 15 -2013)
52.    2014.      March -The discredited British Aikido Board begins to fragment with over 50% members leaving - incl the JAC and the BAA.

53.    2015.      Kenshiro Abbe Sensei - born 1915 - 100 years celebration of the birth of the legendary Budoka. 

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British Aikido - Important - This site is not associated with the crass discredited British Aikido Board. [ BAB ]
BAB = Bad at Budo

This site offers the genuine students the true History of British Aikido
From its inception in 1955 by the Legendary Budo Master Kenshiro Abbe Sensei - 1915 - 1985.
by Shihans
Henry Ellis & Derek Eastman
  Direct Students of  Kenshiro Abbe Sensei
Diplomas signed by 
Osensei Morihei Ueshiba - Sensei's  Kenshiro Abbe  - Masahilo Nakazono - Masamichi Noro  - TK Chiba Shihan - Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba.

" No matter your pretense, you are what you are, nothing more "  - Kenshiro Abbe 

It Only Takes the Good Aikidoka to Stand Quietly By - For the Fraudulent Plastic Samurai to Succeed.

Read of the Betrayal of British Budo - Visit the `British Aikido Board Exposed` Blog

Visit the ` Ellis Aikido ` YouTube Video Channel for a large collection of Videos..

Scroll Down for Documented British Aikido History

Tadashi Abe Sensei - 1926 - 1984. Direct student of Osensei  from 1942.  Abe Sensei was the first Japanese Aikido teacher invited to the UK by Kenshiro Abbe Sensei.

Quote; from T Abe Sensei.
" The Aikido I knew and learned with Osensei was Budo. Since my return to Japan, I realise that what we teach today has nothing to do with this martial art.
What remains of this martial art inherited from Samurai, which was formed by the founder for men. Today, it is a sport of women ! "   ~ Tadashi Abe Sensei

Tadashi Abe Sensei began his Aikido study with Osensei in 1942, he was the first official AikiKai representative to Europe.

Right: Tadashi Abe Sensei and Kenshiro Abbe Sensei.

Tadashi Abe Sensei visited the UK in the 1950s at the invitation of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei, he would make several visits before the arrival of Mutsuro Nakazono Sensei in 1961 and Masamichi Noro Sensei in 1962.

Aiki - Deludo

If only Tadashi Abe Sensei could see senior Aikidoka  today, grading themselves - or -  being graded
higher than Abe Sensie himself, by their own students, some adding a Shihan / Han-shi / and Soke titles as a bonus, - throwing gullible students with a nod of the head - no touch throws - breathing through their toes - Aikido Ribbon Dancing - Touch freezing students - Music in the Dojo - Ki Blasts' the sadness is endless. 
I can imagine when I was a kid, if the class got together and told our teacher we were promoting him to professor, that vicious cane would be flashing everywhere.

 Rest in Peace ~ Tadashi Abe Sensei.

Abe Sensei was a hard man in every way, he was small, powerful and dynamic. During the second world war he had trained, and qualified, as a one man suicide pilot of a ` Kaiten `  ( Return to the Sky ) submarine, which in reality was a glorified torpedo. TK Chiba Sensei personally told me that Abe Sensei was his hero, he also told me how Abe Sensei was in preparation to go into action with the Kaiten when the war suddenly ended - Chiba Sensei said that Abe Sensei felt to the day he died,  fate had cheated him of his destiny, to die for his Emperor, and Japan.

Henry Ellis Admin.

For more history - visit ` Aikido Stories ` True Aikido Stories


`Judo News Magazine` - 1963.

Reporting on the great Budo Event at the `Royal Albert Hall` London. - November 22nd 1963.

` Judo News ` cover: L to R : M Noro - H Michigami - K Abbe - M Harada - M Nakazono - seated M Otani. ( Otani Sensei complained they made him sit down because he was old, )

From Judo News
"" The display finished with Mr Nakazono taking on four Aikido dan grades individually, and finally taking on all four at once, throwing all four with one movement ( two going off the stage ) . A spectacular finish to a truly thrilling evening. Nakazono Sensei then presented all the Aikido dan grades with their official certificates which had come from the AikiKai in Japan.
Photo centre: K Williams being presented with his 3rd dan by Nakazono Sensei with Kenshiro Abbe Sensei and Noro Sensei looking on.
Aikido dan grades taking part in this, the greatest Budo event ever held in the UK to this day - were Sensei's - K Williams - H Foster - H Ellis - D Eastman. ""         


The Hut Dojo from 1955

Kenshiro Abbe Sensei 1959/60. Centre; Henry Ellis - Right; Lennie Ballard.

Sensei would often call in to the famous `Hut Dojo`, he would simply step out of his shoes and go on the mat in his suit and teach.

Here he is pointing out as he often did that Irimi is not a one step entering technique, he would say " necessary not one step - necessary walk through your opponent " .

Sensei would often teach with the help of a Shinai, with a little whack on the offending part of ones body would be a good indication of where you were going wrong ( very effective )

Abbe Sensei would say " My English very bad, Shinai speaks English fluently "

Right: Henry Ellis with uke Derek Eastman 1960.

Kenshiro Abbe Sensei
In those early days there were no names for the various techniques, Abbe Sensei would simply indicate what he wanted from his uke - he would describe all techniques as  " necessary this action " - It actually worked very well. It was only with the arrival of Nakazono Sensei and Noro Sensei that the names of techniques were added - along with the forms system, which I still teach to this day.

There are many English dialects that are very difficult to understand, even for fellow countrymen. I am often amused as so many teachers and students attempt to speak some form of Japanese, how would that sound to a Japanese person ?

When I was assistant to Chiba Sensei 1967 - 1972, we entered a dojo in the north of England to attend a seminar - the students all lined up respectfully, and all, as one, chanted something in what I assume was an a well rehearsed attempt at a welcome in Japanese, Chiba Sensei looked at me quizzically, Sensei then asked " Mr Ellis, what they say ? " - I returned an equally puzzled look, and replied  " I have no idea Sensei ?".

Henry Ellis

The Royal Albert Hall 1963.

The ` BJC ` National Judo Championships November 23rd
November 1963. This was the greatest Budo event ever held in the UK with many Budo legends.
Kenshiro Abbe - Matsutaro Otani - M Michigami - Mutsuro Nakazono - Masamichi Noro - Shoji Hamano - Mutsuki Harada.- Bill Woods.

Ken Williams Sensei received his 3rd dan from Sensei's Nakazono and Noro.

Henry Ellis and Derek Eastman along with other ` Hut ` dan grades assisted both Nakazono and Noro Sensei's.

The souvenir programme cost `One Shilling` = 5p today.

The British Aikido Lineage Tree

The British Aikido Lineage Tree
British Aikido Lineage comes directly from OSensei Ueshiba by Kenshiro Abbe Sensei to the UK in 1955..Photos in decending order are: OSensei ~ Kenshiro Abbe ~ K Williams ~ L- E Dollimore. R- D Williams- below - L- H Ellis -R - H Foster..below L to R - L Ballard - P Dowden -D Eastman - T Jones - R Reynolds...below the first Japanese teachers in order - M Nakazono - T Abe - M Noro - TK Chiba..The Lineage tree shows all the early teachers both British and Japanese. Click ~ British Aikido History site.

Aikido in the UK " The Beginning !!"

This article by Henry Ellis tells of the very early days of Aikido in the UK at the now famous " Hut Dojo " In those early days It was known as the " Hell Dojo ".
Aikido in the UK - The Beginning !

Video 1963 First UK Aikido Film ? Henry Ellis & Derek Eastman also other Ellis Aikido Videos.